HomeFront has all the Rehearsal equipment to accommodate your band's jam session. Our rehearsal gear consits of

  • Line6 combo with foot-pedal (guitar amp)
  • B52 1/2 stack with foot-pedal (guitar amp)
  • 15" Hartke combo (bass amp)
  • Yamaha EMX 512sc 8-channel PA, 2 15" S115v speakers, 2 12" BR12m monitors
  • 8 dynamic microphones, including SM57's, SM58's and more
  • Full drum set with 16" Paiste crash, 17" Zildjian crash, Sabien ride, and Sabien high-hats.
  • Yahmaha keyboard with 2-channel keyboard amp
  • 2 LP congas

Just bring your guitar(s)!